Escape to Paradise – Charbonnel’s x Blackwell Rum


Escape to Paradise – Charbonnel’s x Blackwell Rum

05 December 2021

Escape to Paradise – Charbonnel’s x Blackwell Rum

Paradise beckons with these deliciously smooth Dark Chocolate Truffles with a Blackwell Rum, Black Gold, Fine Jamaican Rum centre, decorated with Vermicelli chocolate.

In collaboration with Chris Blackwell, Founder of Island Records, these Blackwell Rum x Charbonnel Truffles hold an exclusive surprise inside the lid. With access to a playlist curated by Chris himself, scan the QR Code on the underside of the box lid to enjoy the spirit of Jamaica with iconic artists such as Bob Marley, Cat Stevens, Miles Davis, Grace Jones and many more.

The Black Gold Blackwell Rum in these Dark Chocolate Truffles has a traditional dark rum character with the smooth & light body notes of gold. Soft and sweet entrance with vanilla & caramel flavours, followed by toasted marshmallow and a natural spice finish. Enrobed in rich Dark Chocolate with 70% cocoa solids, the fine couverture complements the warm, spiced notes of this sensual Jamaican Rum Truffle.

Influential entrepreneur and record producer Chris Blackwell was born into one of Jamaica’s oldest merchant families, the Lindo’s, who first came to the island in 1625. He founded Island Records in 1959, introducing the world to Millie, Bob Marley, Grace Jones, U2, Robert Palmer and Cat Stevens. Before there was music, there was rum. The Lindo’s were traditionally involved in rum distilling, once owning the famous J. Wray and Nephew. Returning to his roots, Chris created an exceptional dark Jamaican rum based on an original family recipe. It’s his special way of celebrating Jamaica’s unique and limitless energy.

Blackwell Rum x Charbonnel- Fine Jamaican Rum Truffles £16.00

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