Casablanca Lily Reed Diffuser


Casablanca Lily Reed Diffuser

24 November 2021

Casablanca Lily Reed Diffuser

Now available in both a 500ml and 250ml bespoke receptacle, an offspring of Ormonde Jayne’s Eau de Parfum bottle, a handsome and smart statement piece. Imagine how nice it would be to return to a fabulously scented home. Every room can declare its only individuality.

Casablanca Lily is a great performer, the most highly perfumed flower with immense yield. Perfect for the Kitchen and dining rooms.

£250 for 500ml, £165 for 250ml

Linda’s Diffusing Tips

Use the 12 reeds included for optimum yield or if you are scenting a large room. Nine reeds will perform perfectly well in smaller rooms, for example, a bathroom, hallway or bedroom.

To maintain maximum fragrance in the room, turn the reeds weekly, otherwise turn every two weeks, which will also adequately scent a room.

The longevity will depend on how often the reeds are turned, but is reliably three months plus. Scenting your home is a personal statement – it’s what your friends and family will remember.

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