Twin Set at Camper


Twin Set at Camper

01 September 2017

Twin Set at Camper

A new range of Camper’s TWINS concept is now available. Opposite yet complementary, these mismatched women’s shoes form a truly unique pair.

Twins by Flat Apartment £135

Suede and smooth leather in pink & black

Twins boots £165

Smooth leather and nubuck with a rubber outsole & heel

Twins Shoe £125

Suede and nubuck in blue & violet, with stitched rubber outsole for greater durability

Twins Trainer £140

Nubuck in navy, with 3600 stitching, removable anatomical insole and rubber outsole

Twins Pump £130

Smooth leather in navy, with 3600 stitching, removable insole and rubber outsole

8 – 10, The Royal Arcade
Tel: 0207 629 2722

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