Valentine’s Day at Charbonnel et Walker


Valentine’s Day at Charbonnel et Walker

31 January 2018

Valentine’s Day at Charbonnel et Walker

The 2018 Valentine’s collection for Charbonnel et Walker is a nod to the company’s heritage and depicts an exquisite peacock with plume of feathers and a crown on each of the classic fine chocolate selections, the iconic Pink Marc de Champagne truffles and decadent sea salt caramel heart chocolates.

The peacock, whilst known to display its beautiful feathers to attract a partner also became a prominent symbol in Victorian Britain. Ladies and gentleman would always be sure to wear their finest clothes whilst walking like ‘a peacock’ as they perused the grand stores on Bond Street.

Established in 1875, Charbonnel et Walker’s flagship store has always been on Bond Street, considered London’s destination for the finest luxury goods from Victorian times to present day.

The delightful crown the peacock is wearing is also a subtle reference to the company’s Royal Warrant.

Peacock Fine Milk and Dark Chocolate Red Heart £30

Charbonnel’s finest dark and milk chocolate selection captured in a romantic red and gold heart.

Illustrated by Queen’s Scholar, Kerry Lemon exclusively for Charbonnel et Walker, each box is beautifully decorated with peacock resplendent with crown.

Luxury Dupion Silk Heart £180

An exquisite Dupion Silk heart, handmade in England. This beautiful heart shaped box contains the finest milk and dark chocolates.

Ruby slubbed Dupion Silk covers the lid, padded and gathered to the top of the heart and embellished with a hand-made scarlet smooth Dupion Silk origami rose, with the centre of the rose in Scarlet, Crimson and Lipstick Smooth Dupion Silk.

There are three Scarlet Satin ribbon loops and tassels finished with three scarlet smooth Dupion Silk buds in three different sizes. Lipstick smooth Dupion Silk lines the inside of the lid.

A truly beautiful gift.

Pink Celebration Hamper £140

The perfect gift for everyone who adores all things pink Champagne!
200g Pink Marc de Champagne Truffle Heart shaped Box
135g Milk Marc de Champagne Truffles
135g Pink Marc de Champagne Truffles
135g Strawberry Truffles
60g Pink Handbag and Milk Chocolate Heels
275g Pink Marc de Champagne Truffles
200ml Pink ChampagneMoet 200ml
34g Pink Champagne Truffle Mini Heart
75g Pink Champagne Bar

For Her Hamper £95

Filled with a selection of the most delicious and iconic truffles & chocolates. A delightful gift for any occasion. Each box is hand tied with a beautiful Charbonnel et Walker silk ribbon.

Selection as follows:

Rose & Violet Creams 275g
Pink Marc de Champagne Truffles 135g
Pink Marc de Champagne Mini Heart 34g
Pink Handbag & Heels 60g
Pink Marc de Champagne Chocolate Bar 75g
White Milk Marc de Champagne Mini Heart 34g
Mini Moet Rose 200ml bottle

Lattice Collection Milk and Dark Chocolates £25

New for 2018, the Lattice Collection has a striking geometric design in rich reds, pink and gold. Filled with classic Charbonnel et Walker milk and dark chocolates, a stunning gift for all celebrations.

Mini Pink Truffle Hearts £6.50

Charbonnel et Walker iconic pink champagne truffles. A luxurious white chocolate truffle with a hint of strawberry and velvety milk chocolate Marc de Champagne centre, all rolled in a little powdered sugar for a touch of elegance and beautifully presented in a mini pink heart shaped box.

Charbonnel at Walker
1, The Royal Arcade
Tel: 0207 318 2075

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