The Jack – George Cleverley’s First Trainer


The Jack – George Cleverley’s First Trainer

23 March 2022

The Jack – George Cleverley’s First Trainer

After several years in the planning, George Cleverley is pleased to finally reveal ‘The Jack’. This trainer is truly one of kind, not only for the brand — for which a shoe made in this style is a first — but also owing to its bespoke look, feel and construction. The trainer will pair beautifully with an equally well-cut suit or take centre stage in a casual outfit.

Crafted By Cleverley

Naturally, every element of the trainer has the fine care and attention given to a classic George Cleverley shoe—from its dress-shoe-like construction, to its sustainability. In another first for the brand, the trainer is finished with Lactae Hevea soles made from virgin Hevea milk harvested directly from the Cao Su or ‘Crying Wood’ tree; these soft, durable soles are fully sustainable and offer a level of comfort that only gets heightened with each wear—just as a pair of Cleverley bespoke shoes would.


Sustainability is extremely important to the Cleverley team. By incorporating the 100% natural Lactae Hevea sole into the trainer, it creates a truly exceptional natural and comfortable sole. The Hevea milk is refined using a unique and interesting artisanal process, resulting in an incomparable and completely sustainable product.

By also bringing in a pre-order production method, we can keep waste down to an absolute minimum, ensuring the carbon footprint of your trainer is as minimal as possible in every sense.

Jack Trainers are available to pre-order now here .

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