The Grand Ballroom


The Grand Ballroom

03 August 2018

The Grand Ballroom

Charbonnel et Walker’s history is steeped in rich Victorian tradition with the finest chocolate collections inspired by the decadence of grand houses from a bygone era.

‘The Grand Ballroom’ collection offers the choicest selections of milk chocolates, dark chocolates, mixed selections, English rose & violet creams to delicious dark chocolate enrobed stem ginger.

Fine Rose & Violet Creams £60.00

The ultimate for lovers of Rose & Violet Creams, this decadent gift box from The Grand Ballroom includes two delightful layers of these British classics. Our unique fondant recipe is infused with attar of Roses and Violets (the essential oil extracted from the petals). Enrobed in our finest dark chocolate and entirely hand finished with crystallised Rose and Violet petals. These chocolates are just as popular today and still made to Madame Charbonnel’s original and esteemed recipe

Fine Dark Chocolate Selection £60.00 & Fine Milk Chocolate Selection £32.00

Inspired by the different rooms found within grand Victorian houses from a by gone era, ‘The Grand Ballroom’ Fine Dark Chocolate & Milk Chocolate collections hold rich classics and much loved favourites from the very first chocolate ever created by Madame Charbonnel in 1875, a chocolate crown blended with hazelnuts, walnuts and coffee to a Caramel Vanille (caramelized vanilla flavoured sugars) and the classic Falstaff – toasted almonds and black cherry and delicious dark chocolates with strawberry and orange fondant centres.

Fine Dark & Milk Chocolate Selection £32.00

Charbonnel’s finest Dark and Milk Chocolate Selection – The Grand Ballroom is an exquisite collection with much loved favourites that include dark chocolate crowns, noisette creams (smooth hazelnut cream enrobed in chocolate), Caramel Vanille, Orange fondants, classic English Rose and Violet Creams and many more.

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