Sustainable Swim Shorts at Paul Smith


Sustainable Swim Shorts at Paul Smith

13 May 2019

Sustainable Swim Shorts at Paul Smith

Recycled plastic bottles are reworked into colourful swim shorts with the help of an innovative Italian company.

Based in the Piedmont region of northwest Italy, Newlife are a business that’s redefining what “made in Italy” can mean in 2019.

With the aim of reducing waste and lowering the impact on the environment, this forward-thinking firm has developed a unique method of transforming post-consumer plastic bottles into recycled nylon fabric.

This entire process has been designed by Newlife to have a low environmental impact.

Every stage of production occurs within a 90km radius of the company’s factory, to cut down on unnecessary travel. Plastic bottles are sourced from nearby recycling centres as part of a fully traceable supply chain. Then a fully mechanical system converts those bottles into nylon fibres without the need for harmful chemicals.

As part of a commitment to move towards sustainability, Paul Smith is continually searching for ways to improve production processes and reduce its impact on the environment.

By making use of this remarkable recycled nylon, these swim shorts are a step in the right direction.

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