Small Works, Great Artists – 4th – 27th April 2023


Small Works, Great Artists – 4th – 27th April 2023

05 April 2023

Small Works, Great Artists – 4th – 27th April 2023

Erskine, Hall & Coe unveil their annual Small Works, Great Artists exhibition, illuminating the exceptional talent working in clay in Britain and across the globe from the 20th century to the present day.

A stunning bowl by Hans Coper, engraved with a form of sgraffito motif, is shown beside classic pitted stoneware vases by Lucie Rie and freshly thrown vessels by Jennifer Lee.  A fascinating earthenware pedestal bowl by Gordon Baldwin, dating from 1978 is juxtaposed with a charming sculpture by Ian Godfrey.

EHC also exhibit for the first time the work of Suzuki Osamu, an avant-garde artist whose ceramics have received tremendous praise in Japan.  Two sculptures on display, Summer Moon and Mirror of Cloud demonstrate Osamu’s break from traditional styles and methods favoured by many of his contemporaries.  Also sourced during a recent visit to Japan are a beautiful selection of guinomi by Shozo Michikawa and new tea bowls by Machiko Ogawa, decorated in a delicate alabaster glaze.

Though the exhibition focuses on ceramics, highlights also include two works on Washi (Japanese paper) by Shihoko Fukumoto and Urushi lacquer sculptures by Genta Ishizuka.

The show represents the following artists:

Gordon Baldwin

Hans Coper

Claudi Casanovas

Ruth Duckworth

Sara Flynn

Shihoko Fukumoto

Ian Godfrey

Ewen Henderson

Genta Ishizuka

Ryuichi Kakurezaki

Yasuhisa Kohyama

Ryoji Koie

Beate Kuhn

Jennifer Lee

Jacqueline Lerat

Gillian Lowndes

Shozo Michikawa

Machiko Ogawa

Suzuki Osamu

Sara Radstone

Lucie Rie

Inger Rokkjær

James Tower

Shiro Tsujimura

Gertrud Vasegaard

John Ward


Erskine, Hall & Coe
15, The Royal Arcade
Tel: 0207 491 1706

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