Simon Kidd – Online Exhibition 15th – 29th May 2020


Simon Kidd – Online Exhibition 15th – 29th May 2020

15 May 2020

Simon Kidd – Online Exhibition 15th – 29th May 2020

Erskine, Hall & Coe are delighted to present the first solo exhibition of 27-year-old Northern Irish artist Simon Kidd.

Kidd works in porcelain, producing hand-thrown bowls with ground granite, and slip-cast work, created from sculpted plaster and then made in limited editions.

Kidd’s primary focus is the Irish landscape, each piece in the exhibition references a place in Northern Ireland, either – Sliabh Dónairt (Slieve Donard) the tallest peak in the Mourne Mountains in County Down, Murlach (Murlough Bay) in County Antrim, or Dregish, a bog in County Tyrone.

Kidd aims to bring ‘the place into the piece’ within his works, either with the form – such as the referencing coastal beaches or quarries in the mountains, or with the material he uses – such as incorporating unprocessed granite from Sliabh Dónairt.

An interview with Simon Kidd, can be seen here.

Accompanying the text are images of the locations that Kidd references in his work.

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