Pick a Treat – Halloween Treats at Charbonnel


Pick a Treat – Halloween Treats at Charbonnel

30 September 2022

Pick a Treat – Halloween Treats at Charbonnel

For those who revel in spooky delights, tricks, treats and all things Halloween, spice up this ghoulish evening of frightfully good fun with something devilishly delicious from Charbonnel et Walker.

Spooky Halloween Truffles £16.00

As we reach the midnight hour, be prepared, be very prepared with these Spooky Truffles! Spider webs and mummies abound for a decadently ghoulish Halloween. Made with White Chocolate and Dark Chocolate and housed in a striking pumpkin gift box.

A fabulous gift to devour at this spooky time of year.

Crystallised Ginger £15.00

The distinct character of delicious warming Ginger is beautifully balanced with a sugar coating for this scrumptious treat. Delicious on a cold Winter’s evening when a little something extra special is required.

Fine Dark Enrobed Stem Ginger £25.00

A true Charbonnel et Walker classic with Fine Dark Enrobed Stem Ginger. The aromatic and characterful taste of stem ginger is generously enrobed in rich, dark chocolate. One of those ravishing flavour pairings with delicious spiced ginger and velvety dark chocolate. Heavenly treats for all weather moments.

Fine Dark Chocolate Orange Sticks £17.00

Devour these scrumptious Orange Sticks, delicious candied orange peel enrobed in fine, rich, dark chocolate.

Whisky Truffles £16.00

A deliciously dark chocolate truffle with a rich, dark chocolate ganache and Scotch whisky centre, lightly dusted in cocoa powder – the perfect gift for the connoisseur.

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