Peruvian Treasure – Tolu Signature Eau de Parfum


Peruvian Treasure – Tolu Signature Eau de Parfum

01 November 2022

Peruvian Treasure – Tolu Signature Eau de Parfum

Ormonde Jayne’s Signature Collection is born of their original philosophy – travel, culture and British craftmanship.

The art of recapturing memories and exploring new cultures; the fragrant smell of basmati rice in India when researching Champaca, or the freshly picked dates left by the bedside in Arabia when creating Ta’if. These experiences mirror the natural environment, giving purpose and relevance to the perfumes. Priceless and extraordinary oils from all over the world, including Hemlock and Oudh – all poured to high strength – are used to create a unique collection conceived in London.


Tolu is a Peruvian tree resin, from which this exquisite perfume treasure has been created. An opulent velvety formulation with pure Tolu resin, taking you on a sensual amberesque journey. Laced with golden frankincense and amber, the scent’s core is enveloped with a heady mix of orange blossom and clary sage, while intense citrus notes consolidate the harmony. Opulent. Velvety. Sensual.

Tolu is available in 120ml, 50ml and 30ml sizes from £90

Ormonde Jayne
12, The Royal Arcade
Tel: 0207 499 1100

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