Paul Smith – Stripes At Home


Paul Smith – Stripes At Home

10 June 2020

Paul Smith – Stripes At Home

Friends and creatives, Sarah Halpin and Simon Schmidt, show us a casual way to wear Paul Smith stripes from the comfort of their home.

“Sarah and I both are very fond of primary colour”, says Simon. “It has an ability to evoke emotion and to express a sense of rebellion”.

This charming and naturalistic exploration of Paul Smith stripes is the first time the two friends have worked together directly, although you wouldn’t guess it from looking. Sarah and Simon had moved in the same circles for many years, but their friendship was really kindled a couple of years ago, sparked by a shared appreciation for each other’s work and a chance meeting in a local bar.

“It’s impossible not to get absorbed in Simon’s work”, Sarah says. While Simon reciprocates: “I was instantly drawn to Sarah’s eye for detail, there isn’t anything quite like that out there”.

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