Ormonde Jayne Route de la Soie


Ormonde Jayne Route de la Soie

18 November 2020

Ormonde Jayne Route de la Soie

Ormonde Jayne founder Linda Pilkington marks the 20th anniversary of the brand in November 2020 with the launch of La Route de la Soie, a new collection of seven fragrances inspired by the extraordinary flora and diversity of the ancient Silk Route.

A thousand years ago, the vast trade paths from Peking to Paris carried more than just silk and precious commodities. Ideas, cultures and beliefs were shared across continents for the first time: from alcoholic drinks to the number Zero – as well as science, art and literature. The Silk Road became a route of dialogue, diversity and understanding.

Stretching from east China across the Gobi Desert, the steppes of central Asia, the Iranian Plateau and Arabian Peninsula into Byzance and Europe, extraordinary flora, spices and bulbs are a fascinating feature of the Silk Route. . The combination of the liberating diversity of ideas and wonderful ingredients is the inspiration for Ormonde Jayne’s new collection La Route de la Soie.

Introducing new ingredients to Ormonde Jayne’s such as Persian Rose, rhubarb, Armenian Plum, nutmeg, Indian sandalwood, rum and peony, the new collection is handmade in our own studio in Kent and is gender free.

Wanderlust is a side effect of Ormonde Jayne’s new Discovery Lab, transporting you from Byzance across fascinating landscapes all the way to the beginning of the Silk Road in Xi’an with all seven fragrances and a brochure explaining the fragrances.

Linda Jayne suggests “Pick a new perfume each day. First thing in the morning, after bathing, spray liberally before coffee or breakfast corrupts your sense of smell. Keep it in your pocket, top up in the afternoon. Let your loved one’s comment. Smell your clothes the next day. Take note and write down your thoughts to look back on.”


Byzance is the spot where East meets West, and where soft leather meets gourmande notes with a touch of modern magic.

HEAD    Blackcurrant Buds / Milky Accord / Pink Berries

HEART White Wood / Wood of Cashmere / Iris Butter

SOUL    Moss, Suede, Madagascar Vanilla, Balsamic Accord


An abstract creation of damascene rose shimmering with gourmande fruity notes of pear, lemon, blackcurrant and pink berries. The drydown with Mineral amber and musk create an extraordinary perfume.

HEAD    Blackcurrant, Italian Lemon, Pear

HEART Rose, Jasmine, Pink Berries

SOUL    Mineral amber, Musk, Vetiver


An innocent note of peony, with lily, orange blosson and jasmine create this innocent bottle of happiness that will be adored by all flower lovers.

HEAD    Bergamot, Mandarin, Tangelo, Rose Petals

HEART Lily of the Valley, Peony, Orange Blossom, Jasmine

SOUL    Cedarwood, Amber, Musk


A vivid display of neroli, expertly blended with ylang ylang and bergamot, Tanger is a sunny, golden perfume, joyful and entirely lovable.

HEAD      Ylang Ylang, Italian Mandarin, Italian Bergamot

HEART    Rose Petals, Wood of Cashmere, Neroli

SOUL      Moss, Dry Amber, Madagascar Vanilla, Balsamic Accord


A nostalgic and dusky perfume, lending itself to the twilight hour. The perfume is both rich and earthy, piqued by notes of apple and rum, leading to a musky drydown of dry amber.

HEAD      Rum, Rosewood, Apple

HEART    Ceylon Cinnamon, Tonka Beans

SOUL       Dry Amber, Musk, Guaiacwood, Earthy Accord, Oudh


The original true roses grown in the fields of Qasmar possess a heavenly exquisite scent. Harvested before dawn in mid-Spring, to preserve aroma and quality, this time-honored ritual is witnessed by many as a moment of pure beauty and pride. Blackcurrant bud, oriental lychee, Armenian plum, Chinese patchouli – all in minute proportion create a delicate perfume of perfection.

HEAD       Blackcurrant Buds, Lychee, Nutmeg

HEART     Persian Rose

SOUL       Musk, Chinese Patchouli, Incense, Armenian Plum


Find your inner calm and satisfy your wanderlust with hypnotic cedarwood, musk and Indian sandalwood.

HEAD      Black Pepper, Nutmeg

HEART    Cedarwood, Rhubarb

SOUL      Musk, Indian Sandalwood

All Route de la Soie fragrances are £135 for 50ml, with the Discovery Lab Collection of 2ml samples of all seven fragrances £42.

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