Liam Flynn: Online-only exhibition 9 – 17 April 2022


Liam Flynn: Online-only exhibition 9 – 17 April 2022

11 April 2022

Liam Flynn: Online-only exhibition 9 – 17 April 2022

Erskine, Hall & Coe present an online exhibition of works by Irish artist, Liam Flynn (1969 – 2017).

Flynn was especially renowned for his double-rim vessels.  Having developed the double rim through experimentation, he considered this creation as the defining characteristic of his style, one that made his work particularly unique.  He would turn one rim on the outside, and another rim on the inside of a vessel, effectively giving the illusion of a vessel within a vessel.  He liked the mystery this gave to the piece, achieved through a captivating play of light between the different layers.

“The planning for my work starts not at the lathe, but when I’m standing over a log, trying to figure out what sort of vessel will fit into a particular piece of wood…the way I cut the piece from the log can determine the final shape of the vessel. I like to think that I can interpret what way the wood is going to warp but sometimes it can surprise me.” — Flynn

Flynn’s practice of turning wood on a lathe while it was still wet, or ‘green turning,’ allowed the wood to change shape as it dried.  He explained, “movement is a major theme in my work. Because I use green, unseasoned wood, I like to treat the wood as if it were a malleable material; gently removing the excess from the inside, pushing the wood into fluid forms.”  The finished piece is thus an unpredictable union of his technical skill and the chance movement of the wood.  He often blackened his works, which helped to accentuate their forms, carved fluting and other patterns.

Flynn favoured locally sourced woods, working in oak, ash and sycamore, and his interest developed primarily into accentuating the forms and lines of his vessels.  He explained, “the challenge is to keep reinterpreting the forms . . . I’m always striving to find the perfect line.”

Sara Flynn summed up his achievements perfectly: “Liam made truly beautiful objects and leaves a legacy of excellence and honesty.”

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