International Ceramics – 28 February – 10 March 2023


International Ceramics – 28 February – 10 March 2023

24 February 2023

International Ceramics – 28 February – 10 March 2023

Erskine, Hall & Coe present International Ceramics, an eclectic new exhibition featuring the work of modern and contemporary masters from Australia, Japan, Ireland, France, Denmark and Britain.

A meditative, hand-built bowl dating from 2005 by Jennifer Lee accompanies another in a special yellow glaze by Lucie Rie. A bright, footed bowl by Rupert Spira in a stunning cherry red is the first work the gallery has exhibited by the artist.

Also on display is a pewter and speckled green bowl by Sara Flynn, exemplary of her latest achievements as an artist, which include a mastery of sleek, refined forms and captivating colour schemes.

Other highlights include a porcelain sculpture by Machiko Ogawa, dating from her first ever exhibition in Europe, held at the gallery in 2016, alongside one by Jacqueline Lerat that was included within her solo show at Galerie Besson in 2007.

The exhibition represents:
Karen Bennicke
Joanna Constantinidis
Sara Flynn
Gwyn Hanssen Pigott
Simon Kidd
Yasuhisa Kohyama
Ryoji Koie
Jennifer Lee
Jacqueline Lerat
Shozo Michikawa
Machiko Ogawa
Lucie Rie
Keiichi Shimizu
Rupert Spira
Masamichi Yoshikawa

Erskine, Hall & Coe
15, The Royal Arcade
Tel: 0207 491 1706

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