Here Comes the Sun


Here Comes the Sun

19 May 2021

Here Comes the Sun

In anticipation of a glorious summer to come, sunglasses are sure to be the go-to accessory of choice!

By way of inspiration below we’ve highlighted few superb examples from E.B. Meyrowitz:

The Harvey (Special Edition) £995

Handcrafted in acetate, the Special Edition Harvey measures 132mm Width x 44.5mm Height x 146mm Temple Length. Elegantly displaying its svelte rims and sharp contours, The Harvey is a must for the sunny days ahead.

The Forli (Special Edition) £995

Handcrafted in acetate, this Special Edition run of The Forli measures 137mm Width x 47mm Height x 145mm Temple Length. Offering classical build juxtaposed with contemporary colour structures and excellent new tints, the Forli presents itself as something of a new proposition altogether.

The Forli £645

Handcrafted in acetate, the Forli measures 137mm Width x 44mm Height x 142mm Temple Length. Offering traditional structure, elegant lines and cool grey green polarised lenses, the Forli presents itself a wholly balanced proposition.

The New Yorker £645

Handcrafted in acetate, The New Yorker measures 140mm Width x 42.5mm Height x 141mm Temple Length. Offering elegant form, balanced design and cool green grey polarised lenses, The New Yorker really is a superb everyday concern.

The Tarfaya £645

Handcrafted in acetate, The Tarfaya measures 128mm Width x 42mm Height x 135mm Temple Length. Furnishing bold lines and seductive green grey polarised lenses, The Tarfaya, a superb companion for the summer months.

Each pair of sunglasses will be delivered in The Grosvenor Spectacle Case and alongside Meyrowitz’ signature microfibre cloth.


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