Heaven Scent – Festive Candles at Ormonde Jayne


Heaven Scent – Festive Candles at Ormonde Jayne

28 November 2022

Heaven Scent – Festive Candles at Ormonde Jayne

Ormonde Jayne captures the essence of Christmas in a limited-edition collection of Three Festive Scented Candles.

Inspired by glistening snow, pine cones, and log fires, Ormonde Jayne creates and pours every candle by hand from their studio in Kent. Using the purest and most chemical-free wax available and the same high-quality oils as the fragrances, the Festive Collection is presented in three individually designed jars, each with a gold-coloured metal lid.

Mystère £80

A great performing candle. The perfume lifts out and sings in perfect harmony. It sparkles and twitters quite charmingly, enveloping the room lavishly with sybaritic pleasure.

Etoile £80

Fragranced with warm, festive notes of mandarin, cardamom, cinnamon, bay, amber and tonka, this candle creates the perfect Christmas scent.

Nocturne £80

Light it and realise this is the most beautiful scented candle for the festive season. Inspired by fireplaces, open log fires, pine cones, cedar wood and embers.



  1. Ensure the first burn is lit long enough for the wax surface to be entirely melted to the edge of the glass.
  2. Trim the wick before relighting, making sure the wick is still centred and straight.
  3. If the wick has dried off-centre, light the wick and gently manoeuvre back to the centre using the matchstick. The wick may now be too long and puffing out black smoke. If this is the case, blow out the candle, cut the wick and relight.
  4. Keep the candle clean, use kitchen roll to wipe the residue off the top of the glass.
  5. Position the lit candle away from draughts and flammable materials. Do not burn candles on surfaces susceptible to heat damage.
  6. Never leave a lit candle unattended or near children and pets.
  7. Never allow the candle flame to touch the side of the glass.
  8. To extinguish the candle, simply replace the gold lid to starve the flame of oxygen. Leave to cool before picking up.


Ormonde Jayne
12, The Royal Arcade
Tel: 0207 499 1100


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