Four Weddings


Four Weddings

17 March 2017

Four Weddings

Charlie has a dilemma; he’s been invited to four very different weddings in four very different locations. To help him out, we’ve created an outfit to suit each setting.

The City Wedding

Charlie’s first wedding is close to home, with a short gathering at the registry office followed by a long evening of celebration. He wants to look smart without feeling overdressed.

This is where a classic navy suit is the ideal option. This Soho fit suit is cut for a slim and youthful look. The addition of a floral shirt adds a subtle pop of colour and a well-chosen pocket square shows that Charlie has an eye for detail.

If he feels like he needs to smarten the look up a bit, Charlie can add a tie. It can always be put to one side later as the wedding dad dancing gets into full swing.

The Country Wedding

A more traditional wedding demands a more traditional suit.

This three-piece suit is a smarter offering, with the double check fabric nodding to British tailoring tradition. Yet, the same slim Soho fit means that Charlie will still feel relaxed while looking very classic.

When paired with a white shirt, subtly coloured brogues and a simple silk tie, Charlie has a timeless wedding outfit that will impress the old and young alike.

The Riviera Wedding

A short hop across the channel, Charlie’s next wedding is set in a European city by the sea.

An open collar, loafers and a light-coloured suit helps Charlie to blend in with the relaxed European setting, while an authentic Panama hat, hand woven in Ecuador, is something of a talking point – not to mention an emergency fan if things get too heated under the midday sun.

The Island Wedding

Finally, this is the one Charlie has been looking forward to.

With temperatures rarely dipping below 30 degrees, heavy formal clothing isn’t an option. Charlie has chosen to match his surroundings with warm tropical colours, a lightweight polo shirt and canvas espadrilles.

Traveling light is essential, so he can wear his crease resistant A Suit To Travel In on the plane. It can also be folded away without fear when not in use.

Have fun Charlie, and remember: it’s important to stay hydrated, so keep those cocktails close to hand.

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