E.B. Meyrowitz Bespoke Service


E.B. Meyrowitz Bespoke Service

03 April 2024

The expertise of the atelier lies not only in the design and craft of the frame, but also in their long-standing ability to create unique pieces tailored specifically to the individual. As such, for the most discerning patrons bespoke service is offered.

Grounded in Tradition

E.B. Meyrowitz has furnished the finest bespoke eyepieces for over 145 years. Generations of master spectacle makers have continued the tradition of meticulous and diligent craftsmanship all in the way of creating the perfect set of frames.

Crafted to exact specifications – be that the material, the colour and the fit, one can rest assured that the bespoke experience will result in an eyepiece cherished and enjoyed for many years.

Comprised of the finest master craftsmen and budding apprentices, E.B. Meyrowitz holds a wealth of experience in the ranks of its artisans. With an unmatched commitment to the discipline of frame making, a philosophy has not only been created and upheld but handed down through the generations.

Design Process – An All-Encompassing Approach

With as many as twenty-three separate measurements noted and every detail of a patron’s lifestyle and needs carefully considered, designs are drawn up and sent to the workshop.

Spectacle Making

It is then that our craftsmen begin the masterful process of ocular metamorphosis. Materials are prepared and frames are worked on for the next ten to twelve weeks by our team of artisans.

Eye Examination – An In-Depth Evaluation

On completion of the frame, an eye examination is conducted and optical measurements are taken. Lenses of the very highest quality are prepared at the laboratory and fitted henceforth.

Finished Article

A final appointment is preferred so that the fit of the finished spectacles can be observed and any adjustments made in person. Required measurements are however taken at our initial meeting so as to make any necessary alterations on completion should new frames require delivery without a last fitting.


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