E.B. Meyrowitz Bespoke


E.B. Meyrowitz Bespoke

21 September 2021

E.B. Meyrowitz Bespoke – An All-Encompassing Approach

The expertise of the atelier lies not only in the design and craft of the frame, but also in their long-standing ability to create unique pieces tailored specifically to the individual. As such, for the most discerning clients E.B. Meyrowitz offer a bespoke service.

E.B. Meyrowitz has produced the finest bespoke eyepieces for over 145 years. Generations of master spectacle makers have continued the tradition of meticulous and diligent craftsmanship to create the perfect set of frames. Crafted to exact specifications – be that in the material, colour or fit, customers are assured a bespoke experience that will result in an eyepiece cherished and enjoyed for many years.

The company’s master craftsmen have decades of experience, with an unmatched commitment to the discipline of frame making, a philosophy handed down through the generations.

Hand-in-hand with craftsmanship is an almost obsessive adherence to sourcing and maintaining the finest materials with which to produce the highest quality eyepieces. These include Cellulose Acetate, Sustainable Buffalo Horn, Pure Tortoiseshell and Precious Metals, including Titanium and 18ct Gold.

To book a Bespoke Appointment, please call 0207 493 5778, or email bespoke@ebmeyrowitz.co.uk

E.B Meyrowitz
6, The Royal Arcade
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