Christmas Gift ideas from Paul Smith


Christmas Gift ideas from Paul Smith

06 December 2016

Christmas Gift ideas from Paul Smith

As Christmas fast approaches, Paul Smith picks some objects close to his heart to help you find the perfect gift for someone close to you. Read on to discover a few of Paul’s favourite things, including exclusive signed copies of Paul Smith’s Cycling Scrapbook, which are available in limited quantities.

A Colourful Pen

I’ve been using a Caran d’Ache pen for many, many years.

For their hundredth anniversary, they heard I use the pen, so they asked me if I’d create some exclusive colours for them. This is the second edition that takes the colours from my new Artist Stripe.

They’ve been a huge success – not only the pen but also the special case that it comes with them. It makes a great gift.

Paul’s Cycling Scrapbook

I’ve been a lover of cycling since the age of 12 and had dreams of being a professional cyclist myself.

This book shows a fraction of my collection of memorabilia, which has been put together in a way that looks very modern and not at all retro.

It’s full of very interesting photographs, paintings and also shows my collection of jerseys and bicycles. Paul’s also signed a few copies, which you can buy here.

The Dino Scarf

What’s interesting about the Dino is that everyone who sees him is charmed by him. He’s got a very playful look, but in a sophisticated way.

This warm wool scarf would be my choice, but you can also find him on socks, ties and jumpers.

And if you have some time to spare over Christmas you can play the free Dino Jumper mobile game.

An Iconic Lamp

I remember having an Anglepoise in my bedroom as a young man. It’s a piece of iconic design that’s timeless and what a privilege it was to be asked to customise one.

This is my third version and I think it has worked out really well. The design was inspired by Piet Mondrian and Theo van Doesburg’s use of primary colours.

A Year’s Worth of Socks

Without sounding too big-headed, I was sort of the creator of the colourful sock for men. We sell countless around the world. They’re just great fun.

We’ve also launched a special Sock Subscription. If you know someone who really like Paul Smith socks, buy them this and we will deliver a new pair of socks to their door at the start of each month for a year.

A Classic Aviator Jacket

This aviator jacket from the recently re-launched PS by Paul Smith collection is a great winter warmer. It’s a classic style based on the famous flight jacket.

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