Charbonnel et Walker – Iconic Collections


Charbonnel et Walker – Iconic Collections

30 July 2021

Charbonnel et Walker – Iconic Collections

Charbonnel et Walker are renowned for using only the finest couverture. All chocolates are made from traditional recipes, many of which are still inspired from those originally created by chocolatier extraordinaire, Mme Charbonnel.

The selection includes beautifully enrobed chocolates in plain, white and milk chocolate and a variety of delightful centres. All chocolates are hand finished with a selection of swirls or delicately placed nuts and signature rose and violet petals.

Luxurious 2000g Boite Blanche with Milk Sea Salt Caramel Truffles £280.00

A statement chocolate gift box for sharing with friends and family.

This elegant Boite Blanche is filled with one of the most popular flavours, Milk Sea Salt Caramel Truffles. This delicious truffle has the perfect balance of sweet and savoury. Sweet liquid caramel is delightfully paired with hints of sea salt, all captured in a velvety Milk Chocolate shell and lightly dusted with icing sugar. A truly indulgent and delicious caramel experience.

Peacock Boite Rouge with Fine Milk and Dark Chocolates £70.00

This striking gift box is decorated with a beautifully illustrated peacock. A nod to the Victorian heritage of Charbonnel et Walker where ladies and gents would wear their Sunday finest and stroll along Bond Street like perfectly poised peacocks and soak up the atmosphere of London’s premier shopping street. This beautiful gift box is filled with a classic selection of Charbonnel et Walker Fine Milk and Dark Chocolates.

Boite Marine – Blue Velvet with Fine Milk and Dark Chocolates – 500g £70.00

One of Charbonnel’s most timeless and elegant chocolate gift boxes, hand tied with satin ribbons. This exquisite Boite Marine gift box is filled with a signature selection of the finest Milk and Dark Chocolates and beautifully presented in a classic blue velvet. Some chocolates do contain alcohol.

Fine Milk & Dark Chocolate Ballotin Gift Box with White Ribbon £50.00

The exquisite Charbonnel et Walker white ballotin gift box. A true classic, this most elegant of gift boxes is filled with the finest signature selection of Milk and Dark Chocolates and beautifully presented with a white satin ribbon.

Union Flag Fine Milk and Dark Chocolate Selection £35.00

Celebrate all things British with our Union Flag fine chocolate selection box. This striking gift includes beautifully enrobed chocolates with an assortment of delicious centres. All hand finished with signature swirls, delicately placed nuts or decorations.

Milk Chocolate and Truffle Selection £24.00

A beautiful selection of our signature fine milk chocolates complemented with iconic Charbonnel et Walker truffles.

Charbonnel et Walker
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