Charbonnel et Walker – A Delicious Heritage


Charbonnel et Walker – A Delicious Heritage

10 January 2022

Charbonnel et Walker – A Delicious Heritage

Mlle Virginie Eugenie Charbonnel and Miss Minnie Walker established Charbonnel et Walker in 1875 on Bond Street, the most fashionable street in London. The new Heritage collection celebrates the finest signature Charbonnel et Walker flavours created over nearly 150 years of the company’s history.

Delight with classic flavours and a return to the recipe archives with this truly indulgent collection; Fine Milk Chocolate Selection, Fine Dark Chocolate Selection, Fine Milk & Dark Chocolate Selection and iconic Rose & Violet Creams.

Discover firm favourites with Falstaff, Amandes, Crème Cassis, Caramel Noix, Lemon Coconut, Caramel Café, Rocher Noisettes and so many more scrumptious flavours. Each striking Heritage gift box houses the perfect selection of decadent Charbonnel et Walker creations.

See the full collection here

Charbonnel et Walker
1, The Royal Arcade
Tel: 0207 318 2075

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