Cartujano – Quality, craftsmanship and timeless beauty


Cartujano – Quality, craftsmanship and timeless beauty

24 October 2016

Cartujano – Quality, craftsmanship and timeless beauty

Cartujano works with only the finest leathers from the best European tanneries. These beautiful skins are carefully and conscientiously tanned to preserve their attributes and natural qualities. Using traditional techniques, this painstaking method requires time and careful application in order to achieve the perfect result.

On arriving at our workshops, each hide is meticulously reviewed to ensure it exceeds the quality control expected by our Cortadors – the craftsmen who cut the leathers.

Shoemakers of Mallorca

Meticulously working and repairing century old equipment, Cartujano continues to preserve the use of traditional machinery. It was almost as difficult to find the craftsmen required to use these tools, as it was to recover the machinery itself.

The specialists, who cut and sew the skins are genuine master craftsmen, many of whom have been devoted to their trade for more than 30 years, passed down to them by their forefathers.

Goodyear Welt

One of the most highly regarded techniques for the manufacture of shoes, used for more than a century. The process, of more than 150 steps, consists of a double stitching which bonds the leather with the insole to the sole, to provide an unsurpassable durability that exceeds that of conventional shoe construction. Double stitching also provides added comfort and isolation as the natural cork layer, characteristic in this method, molds to the insole and, in time, is shaped by the foot.

In the heart of Andalusia lies the white village of Ubrique, where the bags of Cartujano were first conceived. A trinity of elements; water, chalk and cork, cultivated the development of tanneries by Roman and Arab settlers. Centuries on, artisans continue to give life to refined and flawless leather goods.

Elda Masters

Elda’s origin as a city for shoemaking dates back several centuries, when artisans used the abundant esparto grass from the surrounding mountain ranges to create the Espadrille.

Today, Elda is recognised for manufacturing quality women´s footwear of international standing.

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