Calleija opens its spectacular multi-level boutique


Calleija opens its spectacular multi-level boutique

21 November 2016

Calleija opens its spectacular multi-level boutique in
London’s historic Royal Arcade,
unveiling rare and exquisite masterpieces.

 Now open, the new Calleija boutique boasts a four-storey location in London’s historic Royal Arcade.   Comprising bespoke showrooms, artisan workshop and exclusive VIP client viewing rooms, the new premises are set to capture the imagination of jewellery lovers.

Overlooking fashionable Albemarle Street, the new No. 7 boutique will showcase award-winning designer John Calleija’s passion for opulence, individuality and precision.  The boutique boasts luxurious marble, silk, velvet furnishings and a resplendent fireplace for the chilly winter months.

Calleija opened its first London boutique in 2008 and as one of the very few master craftsmen known as an Argyle Pink Diamond Select Atelier, John Calleija brings his unique and exquisite creations showcasing the finest of these rare Australian jewels to Bond Street.

The tremendous scarcity and breathtaking colours of Argyle Pink Diamonds make them the most valuable and coveted diamonds in the world, and as such they will feature heavily in the new expanded, flagship boutique collections.

On display will be The Queen of Diamonds, one of the most spectacular Argyle diamonds ever revealed. This astonishing 1.7ct Purplish Red Diamond was the largest of its kind offered at the 2007 Argyle Pink Diamond Tender, and the rarity of diamonds of this calibre on the world stage give it significant importance in the history of Red Diamonds.

Calleija will also showcase the astonishing 5.18ct D Colour Internally Flawless Pear shape diamond, once owned by Sean Connery.   Inspired by his partnership with Aston Martin and influenced by the dynamic James Bond films, John Calleija has transformed this diamond into a captivating 7.77ct work of art. Bonded by a fine line of seven exceptionally rare Argyle Pink Diamonds and encrusted with Argyle Blue Diamonds, this ring is an unrivalled and unique collectible piece.

Starring alongside The Queen of Diamonds and other Argyle Pink Diamond creations, is the

Zara Phillips and Kailis Collections.   Since partnering exclusively with Calleija after meeting with John in 2013, Zara Phillips has helped to create collection which has grown to become an integral part of the Calleija range.

 “From the very first meeting with John, I felt an instant connection to Calleija’s designs – it felt fantastic to wear them,” says Zara. “John and I talked then about creating something together and how great it could be. We agreed that, for it to truly represent our personalities, we would both need to play an active role in the designs, from the choice of gemstones through to the overall finish, and that is what has happened.”

Focusing heavily on the theme of unbridled elegance, this timeless collection brings together wearable, functional jewellery and the unmistakable superiority and magnificence of Calleija craftsmanship. Both the Saddle Suite and Coronet Suite will be showcased in the new location, and are sure to continue to gain recognition in the international jewellery arena for their exceptional design.

Calleija will also unveil the incredibly sought-after Australian South Sea Pearl, Kailis collection including magnificent Aurora, Angelic and Ethereal.   Pioneered by the Kailis family in Broome, Western Australia, Kailis pearls have long been noted for their incomparable beauty and quality.  These incredible gems are so remarkable they require no treatment after their extraction, and as such are a much-admired gem both within Australia and internationally. The partnering of Kailis with Calleija demonstrates Calleija’s commitment to excellence – which is second to none.

 “Calleija goes to great lengths to acquire the rarest and most exquisite diamonds and gemstones from across the globe,” says John. “Each diamond or gemstone selected exhibits unique characteristics worthy of a special, unique heirloom masterpiece that will go on to be cherished for generations.”

The artisan workshop will give patrons a unique insight into the skill and imagination of the designer, whilst its VIP viewing rooms offer clients privacy to examine gems and jewellery at their leisure.

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