Calleija 2020 Catalogue


Calleija 2020 Catalogue

23 January 2020

Calleija 2020 Catalogue

A message from John Calleija

“For decades I’ve had the extreme honour and pleasure of being entrusted with the rarest and most precious gems on Earth.  Argyle diamonds are incomparable in their beauty and rarity, and I’ve dedicated my life’s work to creating exquisite, unique designs which highlight the true wonder of these jewels.

At Calleija, it brings us great joy to showcase the skills of our incredibly talented master jewellers and designers, who each take such pride in creating extraordinary bespoke designs for our clients. We relish the opportunity to collaborate with our esteemed clientele to design and create distinctive, remarkable pieces to be treasured for many years to come. Every Calleija piece is not only a beautiful jewel but a work of art.

Browse the astonishing collection of beautiful jewels and rare Argyle pink diamonds at our London boutique or have a special creation made for yourself or someone you love.”

Browse the new collection here

7, The Royal Arcade
Tel: 0207 499 8490

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