A Long-Awaited Revival for The Bloomsbury


A Long-Awaited Revival for The Bloomsbury

23 September 2020

A Long-Awaited Revival for The Bloomsbury

Celebrating the refurbishment of the The Royal Arcade boutique, E.B. Meyrowitz have reintroduced a time-honoured favourite guised in a construction never before seen. Blending together classical demeanour along with wholly innovative expression, The Bloomsbury mirrors the transformation of its Mayfair housing and takes on an exciting and exceptionally beautiful new aesthetic.

Superbly crafted in keeping with the arboreal build of the premises, each special edition piece has been meticulously constructed in Walnut and Maple wood. Fused with gorgeous black buffalo horn, the collection not only exudes beautifully contrasting hues and textures but also holds a supremely lightweight feel to proceedings.

Sculpted in the original archival form, The Bloomsbury “No. 6” dazzles with its spherical rims and spectacular bowed temples. Boasting strong rim structure alongside wonderfully balanced architecture, the collection connects itself to the build of the new boutique moving thoughts towards craftsmanship, heritage and a spirit of artisanal endeavour intrinsic to the lifeblood of E.B. Meyrowitz.

The Bloomsbury represents the first E.B. Meyrowitz Special Edition handcrafted in Exotic Woods and Buffalo Horn. Carefully developed and perfected over the course of two years by our craftsmen across the UK, France and Germany, the collection will be available at The Royal Arcade boutique and be offered in Brown Walnut as well as Green and Blue Maple Burl.

E.B. Meyrowitz
6, The Royal Arcade
Tel: 0207 493 5778

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