A Floral Tribute


A Floral Tribute

21 May 20118

A Floral Tribute

Paul Smith invited Jess Bonham to photograph floral products from the spring/summer ’18 collection, matched with her favourite British blooms

Paul regularly looks to the natural world for inspiration; whether he’s on his annual trip to the Chelsea Flower Show or walking past a particularly bright bloom, flowers always stand out.

Each new Paul Smith collection contains a new crop of floral designs and as the arrival of warm weather in the UK invites the spring flowers to poke their heads above ground, so too do new floral prints start to appear in Paul Smith shops.

To offer a fresh take on this season’s floral prints and patterns, PS asked photographer Jess Bonham to pick out some of her favourite pieces from the spring/summer ’18 collection and match them to colourful floral arrangements.

Jess was given her pick of the Paul Smith men’s and women’s collection, as well as access to the huge collection of furniture and objects at No. 9 Albemarle Street.

The resulting images were a perfect partner to Paul’s designs, showing an appreciation of colour, a playful approach and an underlying sense of irreverence. Her men’s selection included a bright red jumper which was draped over the back of a modernist armchair and a set of graphic ties in muted floral colours hanging from a trio of coat hangers.

Each product has been matched with a floral arrangement that Jess selected to complement the object’s colour and form. These parings represent that connecting line between the various flowers that inspire Paul and the shirts, socks and scarves that result from them.

Women’s products included a fantastic leather jacket with hand-painted floral details and some typically bright Paul Smith socks with a delicate white daisy motif.

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