Iconic Collections at Charbonnel et Walker


Iconic Collections at Charbonnel et Walker

19 August 2020

Iconic Collections at Charbonnel et Walker

Charbonnel’s exquisite truffles are made from the finest ingredients, with all chocolates made to traditional recipes, many of which are still inspired from those originally created by chocolatier extraordinaire, Mme Charbonnel.

Butter is folded into melted milk chocolate and alcohol, such as decadent Marc de Champagne, is added. The mixture is whisked to form a thick ganache and the truffles are then surrounded by a coating of fine chocolate and are lightly dusted in icing sugar.

The selection includes beautifully enrobed chocolates in plain, white and milk chocolate and a variety of delightful centres. Chocolates are hand finished with a selection of swirls or delicately placed nuts and signature rose and violet petals.

Salted Caramel Chocolate Truffle Selection – 2000g £350.00

A superlative chocolate box to gift or receive with this beautiful Victorian inspired design. Cascading navy and pink tiles are offset with accents of gold. Filled with a decadent selection of milk, dark, praline and pink Himalayan salted caramel truffles.

Boite Blanche – Fine Milk and Dark Chocolate Selection 2000g (with alcohol) £280.00

The Charbonnel et Walker Boite Blanche was first introduced in 1909. the most timeless and elegant chocolate box, hand tied with satin ribbons, it remains the ultimate in luxury chocolate gift giving. This exquisite box is filled with a signature selection of our finest Milk and Dark Chocolates, some of which do contain alcohol. To request your bespoke selection, please contact the Charbonnel et Walker team on mailorder@charbonnel.co.uk or call us on 0207 318 2075.

Pink Marc De Champagne Celebration Hamper £170.00

The perfect gift for everyone who adores all things pink, the Pink Marc de Champagne Celebration Hamper includes a bottle of Moet & Chandon’s Pink Champagne, the perfect addition to any celebration!

Boite Blanche – Rose & Violet Creams 1000g £140.00

This exquisite box is filled with our iconic Rose and Violet Creams.

Red Velvet Heart Fine Milk and Dark Chocolate Selection (with alcohol) £70.00

One of Charbonnel’s most elegant chocolate selections, a red velvet handmade heart, filled with our finest Dark & Milk Chocolates 500g. A gift to charm the senses. The chocolates in this gift box have been carefully selected, some chocolates may contain alcohol.

Summer House Boite Blanche 500g £70.00

This beautiful selection box can be filled with your favourites or let us choose signature Charbonnel et Walker chocolates or truffles for you. Beautifully illustrated in a botanical print both inside and out, this striking gift box is a delight to receive.

Grand Ballroom Fine Dark and Milk Chocolate Selection £35.00

Charbonnel’s finest Dark and Milk Chocolate Selection – The Grand Ballroom is an exquisite collection with much loved favourites that include dark chocolate crowns, noisette creams (smooth hazelnut cream enrobed in chocolate), Caramel Vanille, Orange fondants, classic English Rose and Violet Creams and many more.

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