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Camper One

23 May 2016

Camper One – Design your own Shoe

Design your own shoe with Camper One, the new customization service from Camper. Choose from a range of colours and materials, add a message, and personalize the details of the Pelotas or Pelotas XLite styles.

With Pelotas XLite, whether you choose bold colour combinations or a monochromatic look, you can make these lightweight shoes your own. With Pelotas, adapt the Camper icon to suit your tastes and select from among rich leathers and colours to build the perfect hybrid shoe.


First produced in 1995, the original Pelotas were inspired by the pioneers of sport and created from Camper’s unique imagination. The result was an iconic shoe with a recognisable and unusual sole, comprised of 87 individual balls made from natural rubber.

Premium Leathers

Choose from a variety of beautiful European leathers with different colours and effects. From full-grain leather to waxy suede, there are also vegetable-tanned and chrome-free options.

360º Stitched Outsole

Every original Pelotas comes with a 360º stitched rubber outsole for durability and features the iconic “87 balls” design.

Personalise your Pelotas by choosing from a variety of colours and premium leathers. Add your name, or whatever you want to say to a maximum of 7 letters, with embroidery detailing on the heel.

Anatomic Footbed

Quality means great performance and comfort. To achieve this, every shoe has a removable anatomic footbed for a perfect fit, which is lined in premium cow leather.

Pelotas XLite

An extra light version of the original Pelotas, this sporty style adds a contemporary touch to this beloved icon. Play with a variety of shades to create a colour-blocked look or just let the stitched bridge logo stand on its own.

360º Stitched Outsole

Every Pelotas Xlite features a 360º stitched, extra light outsole, and the iconic ball design. Personalize yours with a selection of bold shades

Camper One – make our icons your own.

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