Vanille d’Iris


Vanille d’Iris

14 December 2015

Vanille d’Iris, a modern classic in the making; it represents the very definition of pedigree and heritage with its precious content of Orris butter and an abundance of the aphrodisiac Tahitian vanilla bud.

Vanille d’Iris is a cocktail of irresistible elegance making it all the more desirable. Its all-enveloping, hypnotising and purring seductiveness will leave all admirers breathless with anticipation.

“Vanille d’Iris was conceived many moons ago and so I am very happy to see her come to life. Good things happen when one can be patient and it has certainly paid off. Vanille d’Iris is far superior today with innovative angles not in my repertoire five years ago. Bespoke molecules created to add a profound and very individual statement making Vanille d ‘Iris an outstanding creation full of grace and harmony, a perfume that moves with you, enveloping you in a cloud of hypnotic pleasures.”

Linda Pilkington
Founder and Creator of Ormonde Jayne

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