Say it with Truffles


Say it with Truffles

14 January 2016

Say it with Truffles

The Charbonnel et Walker collection for 2016 has been designed in collaboration with accomplished illustrator and artist, Kerry Lemon. Kerry was awarded a Queens Scholarship for illustration in 2007.

The Valentine’s collection for Charbonnel et Walker is a nod to our heritage and depicts an exquisite peacock with plume of feathers and a crown on each of our classic fine chocolate selections, our iconic Pink Marc de Champagne truffles and  decadent sea salt caramel heart chocolates.

The peacock, whilst known to display its beautiful feathers to attract a partner also became a prominent symbol in Victorian Britain. Ladies and gentleman would always be sure to wear their finest clothes whilst walking like ‘a peacock’ as they perused the grand stores on Bond Street.

Established in 1875, our flagship store has always been on Bond Street, considered London’s destination for the finest luxury goods from Victorian times to present day.

The delightful crown the peacock is wearing is a subtle reference to our Royal Warrant.

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