09 May 2016

Cartujano – Crafting Shoes Since 1877.

For the past 139 years, the Fluxà family, founders of Lottusse, Camper and the heritage brand Cartujano, have been manufacturing quality shoes in Mallorca. The family has managed to preserve the finest of Spanish craftsmanship and tradition in the noble art of footwear and accessories.

A legacy, representing pride in generations of design and quality craftsmanship following the highest of traditional standards.

Cartujano, blends this legacy with a rich fusion of art, culture and heritage, creating timeless pieces that are unique.

The Tanning Process – A step back in time

Quality leather today is a rare breed, and Cartujano only works with the finest leathers from the best European tanneries.

The tanning process of the exclusive leathers used in Cartujano is a lost art and only a few artisans remain to carefully tan each hide over forty-five days to carefully preserve its natural essence, resulting in a one of a kind leather.

Goodyear Welted

Goodyear welting is to footwear what bespoke is to tailoring. Just one shoe is hand crafted in the same time conventional processes can make over sixty.

Goodyear welting joins the fine leather uppers, to a thin band of leather, which later lies on a molded cork interior, providing exceptional comfort and 300 stitches uniting the upper with the sole unit, creating a unique piece of craftsmanship.

Contemporary Design

The natural essence of Cartujano’s leathers, combined with its heritage designs create timeless pieces that only improve with age, acquiring character and personality. Beautiful objects that age gracefully and with dignity, day by day they gather memories and acquire a distinct patina unique to each piece.

Timeless quality

A heritage collection that blends quality materials with contemporary design in shoes and bags, providing a modern and elegant twist to timeless classics.
11, The Royal Arcade
28 Old Bond Street
London W1S 4SQ
Tel: 0207 409 3153

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